20 Fun Facts About Longmont Web Design

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The buttons that lead you directly to our number-one squeeze pageant that’s that wasn’t done on accident if you take a look at the fresh books on home page um that’s exactly what you’re seeing you’re seeing a link to their main offer even I’m going back to taste daily as soon as you log in it’s their main offer it’s getting on my list and that’s what you want to have you want to make sure your connect- your main offer you’re essentially telling somebody.

Longmont web design

They did you like us within the first three seconds and if so put your name and email here or you know click this width to go to our product page um the next thing is is that your homepage should define your role in the life of the viewer OK so right when.

you go to my homepage we hope and we’re constantly improving that we see that we want to be your Longmont web design online marketing specialist we want to be the company that you work with on a permanent basis to handle your online marketing um when you go to the fresh books again homepage you see that they want to play the role of.

you know the invoicing specialist um-you need to send your viewers to a website they clearly defines what you want to do for them if you’ve got a message that’s muddled or worried Longmont web design um porno strong compelling headline sum the viewers not going to understand what you what you do and they’re not going to show why.

they’re there um so keep that in Longmont web design mind that you want to redefining your raw we I strongly believe you should have a footer on your footer down here is this for example is a three section footer we do.

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