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Software Solutionkeyboard you’ve also got a set of cursor control keys if you look down you’ll find four arrow keys up down left and right those are used for navigating around the screen as we’ll see and above that are certain other keys which help you move your cursors or icons around.

The screen and most computers have a numerical keyboard a keypad on the right that looks very much like a calculator or adding machine and X and pretty much the same way depending on you can simply type numbers in a document or you can do some.

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other things with those keys swell the mouse is the other main way you have of telling the computer what to do Software Solution and we’ll cover the mount as we stated earlier the mouse is a navigation and selection tool.

It with the keyboard is one of the two ways that you tell your computer what to do the mouse is usually connected with a wire to.

The computer although these days wireless mice are becoming more and more common they work-the same Software Solution way but with a wireless mouse you just grotto make sure you got it pointed the right direction when it is pointed the right direction the side facing the computer or away from you is going.

Mohave two buttons one on the left side one on the right side these are usually large spaces not small Software Solution buttons on the mouse there are more areas than point son the mouse many mice in the middle also has something called a scroll wheel which you can experiment with later but mostly the thing you’ll do mostly with the mouse is move.

It around on the table or on a mouse pad and press that button on the left the left click you hold the mouse by laying your hand gently over it the illustration shown here is for aright-handed person and when aright-handed person lays.

Their hand on the mouse their index finger falls naturally on this left button area of the mouse now for a left-handed person it would be say the ring finger would fall over the left button but what happens.