Software Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why

August 25, 2017 by Posted in: Default

Is when you lay your hand on the mouse and you move it away from you toward you in circles keeping it straight that is keeping the wire inside or the button side facing the computer you can move it around and it’ll move a pointer or cursor on the screen that’s basically how you use amuse now as you you can go ahead no wand lay your hand on the mouse and move it around on the screen in front of your should be able to see a cursor or pointer that looks like one of the ones shown on the screen here but what do you do with a mouse.

well we’re going to find out because next we’re going to walkabout the desktop that is the area on the screen that is what you see when you first turn on your computer the first thing you’ll probably notice about the desktop is that the one on the screen in this little presentation doesn’t lookalike the one on your computer that’s because this is customization every computer is going to have a different background picture different icons placed on the desktop those little symbols that are around their program icons usually.

or file folders there’s going to be different icons at the bottom as well but they’re all arrange din pretty much the same way the big broad full screen desktop area will contain program icons and file folder sand maybe a few other tools the notification area in the lower right you won’t mess with that much unless you want to say change the volume of sound on your computer a few other uses that later on you’ll get into in the middle at the bottom whatever program you have open at the time will be shown there near the left side.

The quick launch toolbar that’s customization as well every computer is going to look a little different there and some of them may have very few or no icons in that are abut every Windows computer does have one thing in common on that desktop and that is the start button in the lower left the start button is for most people exactly what.