Sick And Tired Of Doing Managed It Services The Old Way? Read This

September 21, 2018 by Posted in: Web Designing

I want to keep the per client bandwidth limit to unlimited and I want to set the tag to the highest priority because wiping video conferencing is very important right now you know we’re on a video conference and also all of our phones are void as well so we want to make sure that there’s no problem connecting to the internet just move.

That rule to number one and then boom we’re ready to go all I’d have to do ishit save as an admin and then we’d have to group policy enable them then you can start applying users to the specific group policy all right.

So this is for specific users that are located in groups but what I wanted to show you these rules as it applies to the overall network and so I’m switching to Rocky ANFCorp highway and security typically that would be in the same menu as the rest of the networking products but we’re running some of the beta firmware for our software to find way in and this is going to give us a few additional features and like.

I mentioned earlier in the presentation this is what will be rolled out to all of our devices in the near future this will be a general release very soon but right now as I mentioned this is beta and so let me just show you exactly kind of what you can see here with our MX security blinds so this is the last of our three networking equipment I went over theaccess points and the switches but thisright here this is our edge device orfirewall security appliance unifiedthreat management device that has manymany different features here’s.

The mainpage I can see that there’s when one andwhen to I can check the uplinks and seethe live data between both of them I canalso see the dhcp leases in real time sothis is very useful if you wanted to usethis for IP address planning.

I can seeall the different vlans we have how manyIP addresses are used and how many arefree etc and then along with thesoftware-defined land features we havesomething called Security Center thisnewer features that we have rolled outas well it’s going to show you.

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